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Peter HollandTo understand me, you need to know a little about me. Put me into context as it were.

I am not a Rum Producer, Importer, Distributor, or Salesman. I'm not a bartender or maker of mixed alcoholic drinks in any professional manner.

I used to work in Engineering. I like to know how things are made, how they work and why. I'm not so interested in a marketing spin.

I have been a Rum Blogger - although I hate such an ugly, clunky word - and I have travelled widely to Rum producers around the world, met with, talked to and listened to those who make Rum. I have attended a great many Rum Clubs and training events. I've read a fair bit on the subject as well.

Being a Rum Blogger has meant that alongside the many locations I've taken myself to, I've been honoured to be invited to a number of locations that I might never have managed to visit. Locations such as Martinique, Russia, Venezuela, Cuba, Haiti, Madeira and Guatemala. Balancing these locations alongside Barbados, Jamaica, St Lucia, Grenada, St Vincent, Spain (in particular the Motril area) amongst others means I've gathered both experience and perspective. I'm very grateful for this.

I am now a Presenter and Educator to both the drinks industry and regular consumer alike. I write from time to time for trade publications; I'm an Enthusiast, Consultant, Collector - although I'm not very good at that, as I tend to open the good stuff - I don't have much money for such activities. I'd rather save up and visit a new Rum destination.

I'm Fan and a Drinker of RUM! I've drunk a lot of Rum... Probably a great deal more than I'd admit to my Doctor.

I am a Rummy and proud.

At one point I had something like 500+ Rums on the shelves at home. It was good to have so many. Then I realised a large portion of them weren't very exciting Rums and in reality, they were really just taking up space. Space that could be used more appropriately. Not all have been released - it's important to me to have a good representation of the Rum category as a whole.

A few years ago when the 'sugar' revelations were becoming more and more widely revealed it felt to me like the entire Rum world was cheating. Everyone was passing off additive-laden constructs. Fortunately, that is absolutely NOT the case. There are plenty of authentic producers out there.

It is understandable that for some, the addition of anything (with the exception of spirit caramel apparently) is a thin red line. I understand and fully accept that. I also understand that the notion of 'black or white' is a little too stark for others. There are shades of grey in this world, but that line of thought can lead to situations where accepting something and rejecting another gets complicated and potentially an embarrassing minefield. I guess I'm a little more forgiving in character and I've every intention of looking to draw people into the category of Rum. So my path is perhaps a little tricky at times, but I will only work with brands that I trust.

The notion of enjoyment is important. Helping people who want to explore the category further, understand what it is about the rum in their glass that they enjoy and explore other options makes me happy.

The more people that drink good rum, the more good rum will be produced to fulfil the need. The future is bright, and as long as we place appropriate value on truly authentic Rum production methods, the future is assured.

There is plenty of Rum to be drunk in the meantime though.


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- Pete


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Foursquare UK Brand Advocate

I am honoured to be the UK Brand Advocate for the R.L. Seale & Co. Ltd., Barbados.

For training related enquires related to all export rums produced at Foursquare Distillery, I can be contacted at

For all sales inquiries, please contact Marussia Beverages UK on

What Is was started in 2009 by Peter & Pauline Holland as a hobby, a means of recording our rummy discoveries & things of interest.

Since 2014, the hobby became a full-time career in the world of Rum for Peter Holland, meaning the content and focus of this website has changed as well. My day-to-day work involves consultancy, training, writing, presenting and events for the drinks industry and regular consumers alike.

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